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Creative Jack specialises in Creativity @Work as Art based learning is an indirect approach to exploring concepts such as Leadership and Management at work. Our goal here to organise Corporate Team Building Activities is not to create great artists but to make the employees gain new insights and perspectives about business challenges using an artistic approach. Why are such creative Art Team Building Activities necessary for the Employees? Because our Team Building Activities are- - Unique, creative and hands-on. - Conceptualized and customized to suit corporate needs - Engage customers through creative DIY workshops - Build interaction between team members - Facilitates communication - Improves Cognitive skills - Relieves stress, anxiety, and confusion through a sense of empowerment - Cater to various creative domains to suit different corporate themes like environment, festive, kids day at work, family day at work and more.. - We are also facilitated for senior management / executive teams for Art Get-away tours

Our Corporate workshops can cater to various objectives-

Individual Paintings – Participants create a painting that displays what he or she would like to see in that department, company, or career. This can be a fun-filled canvas painting workshop and the participants can also take away their artworks home as souvenirs.

Team Painting – Everyone in the group contributes to a big sized canvas. One collaborative painting recommended for a group of 8-10 participants at the event. This painting can be put up or showcased at the reception, or their departments to signify Teamwork.

Jigsaw Puzzle Painting – Each painter completes a portion and when canvases are combined, the full image is revealed showcasing on Team Work!
We also have custom artwork per clients request, and a variety of canvases to choose from to meet needs of group size and budget.


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